Superiors Have Been Marked
8th Round of IRAN Women Duathlon National Championships

IRAN Women Duathlon National Championships has finished by introducing superior athletes. These competitions have been held on 13 May 2016 with presence of 81 athletes from 13 provinces by Isfahan Province hosting.

End of IRAN Country Championships

The Country Championship has finished by introducing superiors. These competitions have been held on 17 Feb. 2016 with presence of 125 athletes from 24 provinces by Qeshm Island hosting

Country Championship
Country Championship

The Country Championship and Second Stage Of Triathlon Clubs have finished by introducing superiors. This competition have been held on 12 Feb. with presence of athletes from 26 provinces by Mahshahr province hosting.

Participation in 3rd Phase of Giant Duathlon Series

During 3rd Phase of Giant Duathlon series which has been held in Dubai On 8th January 2016, Mrs. Mandana Dehghan Manshadi from I.R.IRAN could obtain 1th place in her age – Groups category (in Division FAA) among her European and Arabic competitors.

END OF IRAN Triathlon Clubs League (3 phases)

Iran Triathlon Federation could held 3rd phase of Triathlon Clubs League with participation of 12 teams in Gheshm Island on 19 & 20 December 2015.

Federation President: “Iran Can Hold Lots of International Camps for Developing Triathlon Sport”

An educational camp has been held for Triathlon coaches and athletes with ITU Coach from Canada and also ASTC coordinator in Kish Island on 11 - 13 March 2014.

Men’s Duathlon Championships Have Been Held on 6-7 March in Isfahan Province

At the end of these championships, Alirza Ali Moradi from Kermanshah province became the 1st one, Nima Ansari from Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province became the 2nd one and Omid Ahmadi from Kurdistan province became the 3rd one in Kids section.


On the occasion of Islamic revolution triumph anniversary and in order to implementing 1392 (2013 - 2014) sport calendar, National Women Duathlon Championships have been held in Khozestan Province (Andimeshk city) on 27 & 28 Feb.2014.


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