Federation President: “Iran Can Hold Lots of International Camps for Developing Triathlon Sport”

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:: Federation President: “Iran Can Hold Lots of International Camps for Developing Triathlon Sport”

An educational camp has been held for Triathlon coaches and athletes with ITU Coach from Canada and also ASTC coordinator in Kish Island on 11 - 13 March 2014.

Mohammad Ali Sabour, president of Iran Triathlon federation said: “regarding to the level 1 coaching course which was held in Kish island on May 2013 with presence of 2 instructors of ITU from Switzerland and Philippine and also supervision of ASTC coordinator and excellent hosting of Iran by our well and desirable facilities, they decided to choose Iran as one of the Asian countries to host the ITU – ASTC Sport Development Camp in the Middle East.

He continued: “To this end, they decided to hold the Sport Development Camp of Triathlon in Kish Island. The Camp was held for 11 selective coaches and 31 athletes in different ages and had lots of technique points in swimming, cycling and running fields and increased the scientific levels of the coaches and will be as practical experiences for them. ”

Mr. Luc Morin as one of the best international Triathlon coaches from Canada and Mr. Ki Woo kyong from South Korea as ASTC coordinator satisfied of Iran hosting and good disciplines of athletes and coaches.

At the end, Mr. Sabour added that we will continue our cooperation more and more with ASTC and ITU to hold such camps in Iran in near future.


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