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The End Of Country Championship

Superiors Have Been Marked

The Country Championship and Second Stage Of Triathlon Clubs have finished by introducing superiors. This competition have been held on 12 Feb. with presence of athletes from 26 provinces by Mahshahr province hosting.

These competitions have been finished on 14 Feb. by introducing superiors in both sections of teams and individuals.

Results are as follows:

- Age of Kids specifically in individuals section:

- Nima Ansari from Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtyari province *First Place*

- Abolfazl Moradi from Zanjan province *Second Place*

- Hosein Rezai from Eastern Azarbayjan province *Third Place*

- Age of Youths in individuals section:

- Amin Saghai from Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtyari province *First Place*

- Parsa Mahjoub from Kermanshah province *Second Place*

- Hamed Khazai from Southern Khorasan province *Third Place*

- Age of Junior age in individuals section:

- Mohamad Ghazanchay from Semnan province *First Place*

- Sasan Malmir from Kermanshah province *Seconde Place*

- Seyed Mohamad Hosseini from Golestan province *Third Palce*

- Age of U23 in individuals section:

- Ali Lotfi from Fars province *First Place*

- Mohamad Mehdi Rahmati from Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtyari province *Second Place*

- Reza Rezai from Theran province *Third Place*

- Age of Elit:

- Salman Teymuri from Hamdean province *First Place*

- Ehsan Aminian from Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtyari province *Second Place*

- Milad Tehrani from Lorestan province *Third Place*

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