Triathlon biography in Iran

:: Triathlon biography in Iran

Triathlon sport has established by Bahram Afsharzade (previous Secretary General of National Olympic Committee) as Triathlon Committee under control of Track And Field federation in 2002 and was introduced to Asian Triathlon Confederation as Association of Triathlon sport in 2004.

Brig. Gen. Mohamad Ali Sabour was appointed as superintendent of Iran Triathlon federation in 2006. Afterward in an election he was elected as president of Iran Triathlon federation with majority of votes on November 2006.

After lots of efforts and providing respective statute and sending to ASTC on June 2007, Iran Triathlon Federation was accepted as twenty first member of Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC).

Brig. Gen. M. Ali Sabour was re-elected in election on November 2013 as Iran Triathlon Federation president for next four years.

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وزارت ورزش و جوانان
كميته ملي المپيك جمهوري اسلامي ايران
كنفدراسيون سه گانه آسيا
اتحاديه بين المللي سه گانه


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